Analog flash clock widget released

Analog clock v1.0

We have released analog flash clock widget. It has many features you can customize – skin, widget size, arrow type, colors, etc.. This widget is meant for websites, blogs or web applications. It is completely free for any usage even commercial.

View the analog flash clock widget.


  • Elvis
  • 2009/01/08 12:50

Awesome. That makes a pretty versatile block for any CMS. Thank you for your effort!

Nicely done and well documented.

Thank you. We will implement more features in this widget soon. Also we are developing more widgets, and will release them soon too. If you have any suggestions / questions, post them on forum.

  • Mike
  • 2009/01/23 17:41

This is the best free clock out there, but how about adding the ability to manipulate the timezone. Just a simple +/- hours variable would do for me!

Thanks Mike.

We are preparing for the release of the new widget. The next version (it’ll be very soon, i think in a few weeks) of analog flash clock will have time zone parameter.

It would be great if you post these feature suggestions/requests in the forum.

  • Samantha
  • 2010/09/20 11:34


Very nice, and very popular now

  • askbazar
  • 2011/01/14 06:22

Excellent widget….

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