Analog clock generator

We are introducing analog flash clock generator. With this tool you can easily customise our analog clock widget and see the result in real time. After you are done customising your clock just press one button and you will get all the code you need to use clock widget in your website. Just follow couple simple steps and you will have amazing new analog clock in your site!

Analog clock v1.2 Joomla plugin

Several weeks ago we got comment from David saying, that he had developed analog flash clock extension module for Joomla. So, he sent us the code, we upgraded it a little bit and now, after a long Joomla approval process, we present you Xorbin Analog Flash Clock Plugin for Joomla CMS.
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Analog clock v1.2

New version of analog flash clock got released. We have added some new features to our most popular widget. We also have developed plugin for WordPress, so now you can easily configure and add analog clock to most popular and free blogging tool and CMS. You can add as many diferent clocks to one page as you like!
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We released a new analog flash clock widget version. Updated widget has some new features: UTC/GMT time, widget link, hideable seconds arrow. Read more on “New version of analog flash clock widget”

Analog clock v1.0

We have released analog flash clock widget. It has many features you can customize – skin, widget size, arrow type, colors, etc.. This widget is meant for websites, blogs or web applications. It is completely free for any usage even commercial. Read more on “Analog flash clock widget released”

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