Countdown flash clock widget released

Countdown clock v1.0

Countdown flash clock widget is released. Count time to your birthday, holiday or other important event.

Simply add event date. You can also change colors and skin, add custom frame with text.

This widget is free for any usage. You can very quickly add it to your website, blog or web application. Try the countdown clock widget.


  • Crisdell Codeghini
  • 2010/09/23 17:56

I want interesting for countdown flash clock. Thanks

Im Very Pleased, Xorbin About This and Awesome Countdown,
Crisdell What Does That Mean Enyway

From – Isacc Newton Gravity Discovery. Visit

i want countdown for my blog

  • youssef
  • 2012/02/06 16:55


  • محمد
  • 2012/03/01 05:07

عيد ميلاد ليلى

  • محمد
  • 2012/03/01 05:10


  • joyachan
  • 2012/03/26 07:05

Thanks.. love it

  • almost satisfied
  • 2013/04/15 11:37

nice, but:
1) why there is no count up function?
2) date and event time?


1) How are you supposed to use count up?
2) Event time would be nice, i agree :)

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