Flash slideshow widget released


Today new flash slideshow widget is released.  With this widget you can easily create your own pictures slideshow. You can change transition time of the slides or add custom frame on top of your slideshow. Pictures are managed through XML file where you can also add links to the slides.

This widget is completely free for any usage. You can very quickly add it to your website, blog or web application. Try the flash slideshow widget.


My flash slideshow widgets don’t align correctly in IE but they are perfect in Safari, help??

Show link to your page.

Do my pics all have to be the same size as the parameters in the script? The widget will not re-size the pics?

There’s no auto resize option in this widget yet. Try to use exact size images (or little bit larger) as widget size.

  • Rafael
  • 2011/08/26 03:32

I´ve problems attaching weblinks to the photos in the slideshow.

Any Help?


Can you paste link to xml file?

Thanks for your answer.

Here´s the link

Looks like widget file is on different domain. Try to use allowScriptAccess: “always” in HTML.
More info: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/402/kb402975.html

  • Rafael
  • 2011/08/29 19:43

Yes. The widget is in a different domain.

I´d check the script and the value “always” is already on

  • Rafael
  • 2011/08/30 15:55

Is possible to put together two slideshows in the same web page?

I´d try but they get into conflict.

Any ideas?


Yes, it’s possible.
Use different id’s for each widget and don’t forget point to different xml files through fileList property.

For a Joomla website how do you get the drop down menus to display correctly in Internet Explorer 6?

  • Abdullah Al-Khalidi
  • 2012/02/05 11:28

My flash slideshow widgets don’t align correctly in IE but they are perfect in Safari, help??

Can you please provide a link to your site with that problem?

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