Topic: Setting the time

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could quickly show me how to set the time differently on my clock.

I have got it up and running fine but want to have a second one next to it displaying the time 5 hours later.

I know i'm meant to add timeOffset somewhere to .......

var flashvars = {
        clockSkin: "skins/skin002.png",
        arrowSkin: "2",
        arrowColor: "666666"

........ but everything I try seems to flag an error in dreamweaver and make my clock disappear!

Could someone please edit my code with the correct information to display the time 5 hours on from normal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Setting the time


If you are trying to use two clocks in the same page, you should place them in different <div></div> containers with DIFFERENT ID's.

For trying to set clock time 5 hour late try using this code:

var flashvars = {
                clockSkin: 'skins/skin004.png',
                arrowSkin: '2',
                arrowScale: '666666',
                UTCTime: '<?php echo gmdate('H:i:s'); ?>',
                timeOffset: '18000'

Use UTCTime and timeOffset features together and it should work.

Hope it helps

Good luck


Re: Setting the time

How about WordPress widgets? Are they already in different divs? On my page, only one clocks works fine, 3 others doesn't