Topic: Joomal module

I've Xorbin Analog Flash Clock module for joomla v2.5.6. It works fine on every page apart from submenu item pages. It just does not appear there. Module is set to display on every page. Other modules work fine on same position and submenu item pages. Is it a bug?


Re: Joomal module

It seem like problem with formating url of swf file.

You can install http://getfirebug.com/ and check in NET tab if you get any download errors. Look for (swf file starting with xorbin)

If this theory is correct you should make some changes in the modules code:
line 62: 'modules/mod_xoranalogclock/media/xorAnalogClock.swf', // path to the widget

and try add one of these constants http://docs.joomla.org/Constants


Re: Joomal module

Yeah! That helped. I've changed all paths from 'modules/mod_xoranalogclock/' to '/modules/mod_xoranalogclock/'.  Otherwise skin is also not found. It works in my case.