Topic: Can't download digital flash clock widget

I'm really glad to find your digital flash clock because apparently it can be customized (size, color, etc.).  However, I have been unable to download the .zip file for some reason.

On your "digital-flash-clock" page, I click on the "download the digital flash clock" link.

This takes me to a new page "http://www.xorbin.com/widgets/digital-f … k/download" with two links.

The top link is "download digital flash clock v1.1".  When I hover my mouse over that, my browser indicates that the link points at "www.xorbin.com/download/devDigitalClock-v1.1.zip"

However, if I right-click that link, and save the resulting file, it turns out I have not gotten any .zip file, but rather an html file named "[8-digit random alphanumeric string].htm"  Each time I try to download the .zip file, I get a new [8-digit random alphanumeric string] but always an html file.

If I click on any of these html files, my browser then displays a web page that looks just like your previous flash clock widget page.

I can go through this process over and over again ... it loops.  But I am unable to download the .zip file that I am looking for.

Please tell me how or where can I download "devDigitalClock-v1.1.zip" so I can try the clock.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Can't download digital flash clock widget


thank you for your message.

We have fixed this issue

Let us know how did you liked our widgets.