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A great widget guys.  You've done a fantastic job with it.  I Installed it on a forum (with a modified skin) and it works great, except for one little problem, I'm unable to get the WidgetURL to link up.  When I mouseover it senses the URL, but doesn't launch it.  I've downloaded:


and used the included files but, no cigar....  Any ideas.



Re: WidgetURL Problem

could you paste the configuration code here that you are using?


Re: WidgetURL Problem

I discovered it worked online, but failed while testing offline


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Hi I wish to use the option of analog clock that sits on my server along with a new website that I'm building. The problem is, is I'm not sure how to go about setting it up to work with a new skin that I've made in photoshop. I'm also not sure what file to uploade to the server too.

Please can anyone help!