Topic: Get Time From Server ?


I really liked the design of your analog clock.
However, i was looking for a flash clock that will get time variable from the server with php...

Lets say for "paris", php file will check Paris timezone from a sql database(which i already have) calculate the current time and export time to flash as variable...

I can easily code the php part but i have no idea how to use that data in flash...

Server load is a concern, so it must use php to return the server date/time "once only" and then increment it as a normal clock would, second by second, without the need to query the server for the time each second...

Do you think it could be done ?


Re: Get Time From Server ?


we are planning to release an update with similar functionality. I advice you to subscribe to our news feed, we will inform everyone about new release soon.

I don't know how we will implement server time in these widgets but the idea will be something like yours.


Re: Get Time From Server ?

Yes I need a clock that shows server's time, not client's.


Re: Get Time From Server ?

The new release of the widget is expected this week. Stand by smile