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I need some advice where and how to install ur analog clock.
I can understand to unzip and download content to my server.
And what next.....
1. Which folder I should download to?
2. Copy and past HTML? ....again where???
Most of the job I do in Css-stylesheet but I believe this is not a right place to past html code....

Please find if it possible to my website:



Re: Step by step plss

Im just checking this forum every day... and just wondering is mt question was really dump or now one can help me...
I'm blind or I really dont know what to do after download content to my server.
I use ZenCart so most work I do in CSS stylesheet and there is no place in there for HTML code.
So let me ask again where I should past this code?



Re: Step by step plss


sorry it took as so long to answer your question.

From today you can read a tutorial about how to use flash clock widget. Hope it helps.

You can find it in our website in tutorials page

Good luck