Topic: Made a snippet (add-on) of the widgets for MODx cms

First of all let me say the analog and digital clock widgets are awesome! Really glad I found these smile

As an enthousiastic user of the MODx cms I decided to make a snippet (kind of add-on) for this cms. I named the snippet Clox wink

My goal was to include both widgets into one single snippet, which would give users much more flexibility. I also decided that the names of the parameters should stay the same, so users can easily reference to the information found on your site.

I only 'changed' the behavior of the parameter timeOffset. Instead of using seconds als a value, you can enter hours, for instance +1 (for GMT+1). The snippet itself calculates the seconds for you. For daylight saving times I also added the parameter dst, which can add an extra hour to timeOffset.

There are also several other parameters to make the snippet itself more flexible to use. I think the MODx community is gonna apreciate your widgets smile

When I'm done with the manual for the snippet, I intend to publish it in the MODx repository, so other users of this cms can also enjoy this. Of course a reference to your site will be included.

At this moment I have a demo page on my site, which can be found at http://webenet.nl/cloxdemo.html

It's in Dutch, but it should give you an idea of what the possibilities of this snippet are.

Owww... I do have a small suggestion for your widgets. It would be nice, when widgetUrl is used, you could also add something like target=(_blank) and title='(some text)'.

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