Topic: Is the widget working with https pages?

Hello and many thanks for this widget which seems to be the best I have found so far.

It seems that its installation is not too easy but this is not the reason for this post; I will manage to do it.

Before attempting to install the widget, can I ask if it will work with https pages please? This is very important as I want to install it on an on-line store where the login and checkout pages run under https. Unfortunately, another clock I now have on my site causes warnings about non-secure items on the page and this is of course not acceptable.

I visited all the web sites listed as using the widget and tried to login but none of them used encrypted (https) connection.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and kind regards from Athens, Greece.



Re: Is the widget working with https pages?

Coming back to my question, I installed the widget and there was no issue with https pages. I have therefore answered myself.

Too bad that this forum (and the web site?) seem to be abandoned for a couple of years. The widgets are excellent, probably the best around, but they don't seem to be supported any more.