New version of analog flash clock widget


We released a new analog flash clock widget version. Updated widget has some new features: UTC/GMT time, widget link, hideable seconds arrow.

In the new version of the widget you are now able to set UTC/GMT time (you can get it from server using PHP or some other programming language) and timezone offset in seconds. In such way clock widget does not depend on visitors computer clock. You can set specific timezone time and everyone in the world will see the same time. You can find how to do this in usage examples.

The new time feature enables you to have more than one clock on a page which show different time. If you have a page on forex exchange, or some other trading information, this feature is very useful.

Another features enables you to hide seconds arrow. By default the arrow is always visible.

Using another parameter you can set the link for the clock widget. Set this parameter if you want user to go somewhere when he clicks the clock.

Download a new version of the clock and have fun!


Thanks a lot for this. I’ve used it on every page of my website! Very professional looking. Took me a while to find this site, but it’s definately the best flash clock out there.

Take a look –

Thank you!
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I’ve been looking for a clock like this for awhile and only now found it via a Google search. Thanks for doing this. It’s great. I will be making a donation.

One nice option would be to be able to specify a target for the link. (“_blank” for a new window, etc., like the HTML link target property)

It does start up a little bit slow for display. It would be nice if you could do something about that.

We will be using it here:

  • Widgia
  • 2009/10/01 04:43

This clock look great, thank you:)

  • Bogdan
  • 2011/03/25 04:53

This is a superb widget! I’ve been looking for a clock like this so long.
I want to submit to you some example that i think can be included into the tutorial for analog an d another few sugestions :)

Please drop me an email if you are interested.
Best regards

Thank you!
Mail sent :)

  • dalboz
  • 2011/05/10 08:34

sorry, can’t get the timeOffset parameter to work. I’m in GMT+10 and want to display GMT+8 so should it be -7200 (seconds)? I have 2 clocks on same page but in p tags with different IDs

+28800 (3600*8)

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