New version of digital flash clock widget


Today we release a new digital flash clock widget version. Updated widget (as analog flash clock) has new features: UTC/GMT time, widget link.

As in analog flash clock in the new version of the digital clock widget you are now able to set UTC/GMT time (you can get it from server using PHP or some other programming language) and timezone offset in seconds.

Using another parameter you can set the link for the clock widget. Set this parameter if you want user to go somewhere when he clicks the clock.

Go download a new version of the digital clock and have fun!


  • Flash Clocks
  • 2009/05/04 23:20

Cool digital flash clock, i like it simplicity, it game a an idea or two for my flash projects.

Hi there,
I have to choose one attractive digital flash based clock for my website, as
can one suggest me
xxx hamid

realy nice widgets cool digital clocks really coo tnxl

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