Analog Clock Generator

Analog Clock Generator

If you are Joomla or Worpdress CMS user all you need to do is to download our Analog Flash clock plugin and you will get the same interface to configure this widget right in your CMS.

If you want to use this widget as standalone version follow the steps below.

How to use it:

  • Play with various input and select field you can see above. If you don’t know that they mean just read Features page.
  • Then you are finished press “Copy All” button.
  • Paste the code to your HTML document.
  • Download analog flash clock package.
  • Copy js, media folders to your server.
  • Write the correct paths into code you just copied for swfobject.js, xorAnalogClock.swf, expressInstall.swf and skins files.
  • Refresh your page – you should see your new analog clock.
  • If you like more detailed explanation read our tutorial about how to use this widget.

And  please share!

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