• Can I use this widget in commercial projects?
    Yes you can. You can read the widget licence. It grants you the permission to use the widget for commercial and non-commercial use for free.
  • Is it possible to scale the skin?
    You cannot do that with customization parameters. You need to draw your own skin. The skin must be the right size from the beginning of the drawing process.
  • Can I specify my own arrows, like clock skin?
    No. You can’t do that. You can only choose from built in arrows which are the widget. Maybe at some point we will make it as a feature.
  • Can I set time from server?
    Yes. You can specify UTC/GMT time and timezone offset in seconds. In such way clock will the time from server and not the time from visitors computer.
  • Can I put more that one clock on a page?
    Yes. You need to specify different id’s.

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