Countdown clock is highly customizable widget. You can use your own custom skin (digits), change colors, etc..

Change these parameters, to configure widget style (flashvars, passed to xCountdownClock.swf):

  • clockSkin: [*.png, *.gif, *.jpg] (path to external image; clock digits)
  • eventDate: [yyyy-mm-dd] (defines event date (+1 hour from current time, if not entered))
  • digitWidth: [1..x] (defines the width of the digit)
  • digitHeight: [1..x] (defines the height of the digit)
  • separatorWidth: [1..x] (defines the width of the separator symbol)
  • digitsColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the color for all the digits)
  • daysColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the color for the days digits)
  • hoursColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the color for the hours digits)
  • minutesColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the color for the minutes digits)
  • secondsColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the color for the seconds digits)
  • showSeconds: [yes/no] (displays or hides seconds (yes is default))
  • panelColor: [000000..FFFFFF] (sets the background color for the clock)
  • panelPadding: [0..x] (defines the padding for clock panel)
  • panelSkin: [*.png, *.gif, *.jpg] (path to external image; clock background)
  • positionPanelSkin: [yes/no] (clock panel aligns with clock or stays centered (yes is default))
  • posX: [-x..x] (clock X position change in pixels from center (0 is default))
  • posY: [-y..y] (clock Y position change in pixels from center (0 is default))
  • widgetUrl: [http://*] (sets link on the widget)

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